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A sampling of Glenoit Fabrics' superb comfort pile fabrics

Masters of Comfort Knit Pile Fabrics

Founded over 50 years ago in Beloit, Wisconsin, Glenoit Fabrics is the largest manufacturer of sliver knit pile fabrics in North America. Together with its flexible workforce and short turnaround period, it supplies a major share of the comfort and performance pile fabrics produced in the world.

Glenoit Fabrics takes pride in partnering with each manufacturing customer to develop and supply the right fabric with "just in time" production for the right end product. Offering services rarely found elsewhere, a strong network of design and engineering facilities at both Glenoit Fabrics and Monterey Mills produces unique comfort knit pile fabrics made with the finest fibers that meet exacting specifications. Glenoit Fabrics also provides assistance with cutting and sewing and other production and finishing services, to aid further in the success of the final end product should customers require them.

‘Fabrics Made from Fiber’

Glenoit Fabrics’ comfort knit pile products are described as ‘Fabrics Made from Fiber’ because of the process by which they are made.

Glenoit Fabrics’ special sliver (sly-ver) knitting process locks individual fibers directly into a lightweight knit backing allowing each fiber to stand upright, free from the backing to form the soft pile on the face of the fabric. This makes Glenoit Fabrics’ comfort pile fabrics softer, warmer, more drapable and more resilient than fabrics made from yarns.

Features and Benefits of Glenoit Fabrics’ Comfort Knit Pile

Glenoit Fabrics’ sliver knit pile is made like no other fabric (For more information on how Glenoit Fabrics’ comfort knit fabrics are made, go to ‘Fabrics Made from Fiber’.

Because Glenoit Fabrics’ special sliver (sly-ver) knitting process locks individual fibers directly into a lightweight knit backing allowing each fiber to stand upright, free from the backing, this special construction creates a fabric with extraordinary performance and tactile appeal. ‘Fabrics Made from Fiber’ offer:

  • Light Weight Not twisted into dense yarns, pile’s fibers along with the fine denier filament backing yarn, yield a fabric that seems nearly weightless for its volume.
  • Multi-season comfort The billions of tiny air pockets created between pile’s fibers act as tiny air conditioners to maintain an even temperature. The result is multi-season comfort.
  • Easy Care With the exception of Glenoit Fabrics’ artful faux fur styles, pile’s non-shrink construction and select fibers make it washable.
  • Non-shrink Because of the stability of its knit backing yarn, pile’s shrinkage is virtually nonexistent. Though individual fibers may shrink slightly, there is no effect on the fabric itself.
  • Soft, Drapability The flexibility of pile’s filament knit backing yarns and lightweight loose fibers, delivers an appealing softness, drape and hand every time.
  • A nearly endless array of textures and patterns Patterning from computerized jacquard knitting machines and expert finishing techniques make Glenoit Fabrics’ totally unique.
  • Rich colors Glenoit Fabrics’ fibers are pre-dyed before construction (environmentally advantageous over yarn or fabric dying). They can then be blended for an exceptional depth of color and subtle variations within one fabric and pattern.

Some Of Our Most Popular Fabrics:


All-purpose comfort


Rich and melton-like


Silky textured pile


The cashmere of pile

by Glenoit

The 'Original’ pile


The washable wool

Furelle®/Petite Furelle

Luxuriously ‘unreal’ fauxs


The velvety pile


Versatile lightweight pile

Popcorn Sherpa

Boldly comfortable pile


Faux furs to truly rival the originals

Selected fibers held in backing yarn

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Close-up of Glenoit sliver knit pile construction.

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